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Class Overview

We offer a broad range of classes ranging from the more traditional ballet, modern & tap to Hip Hop, limbering & drama where students are carefully monitored and are never pushed to do more than they can cope with. We are also able to choreograph your wedding dance. Students work through the BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dancing) Grades Syllabus for most classes and have the opportunity to go through their Professional Qualifications, if they so wish. Dance classes run during school holidays unless otherwise stated. Please check the Notice Board at the studio / news page for details of Dance Class Holidays.


Ballet forms the base of any Dancer who can display a strong technique. All students are encouraged to take a Ballet class as those who do not, tend not to progress as fast in other disciplines as compared with their counterparts who do, due to a lesser understanding of posture and co-ordination. All new students must now undertake Ballet class. For extra help with ballet technique please ask about our extra ballet technique classes. These have visibly helped to improve the technique of the students who take them.

Modern Dance

This class will give the Student strength and flexibility whilst at the same time fluidity and co-ordination of movement. Many students find Modern their most enjoyable subject - usually because they are able to relate to the more up to date music. As part of this class, we incorporate a small amount of Hip Hop Dance for the under 10yrs. This is mainly because the students enjoy it so much. Once a year they have the opportunity to take a Medal test in this discipline, with the UKA (United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing). Over 10yrs the Students will need to attend the dedicated Hip Hop class to continue this style of dance.

Tap Dance

Tap is as popular and enjoyable at any age! This form of dance keeps joints mobile and provides a fun way of keeping fit. Tap is quite difficult to master in the early stages, and students often feel that their progress is slow.

Hip Hop

We have 3 Hip Hop classes - from aged 5 years through to adult. Males & Females are welcome. Please see the Timetable for details. Book your place now to start enjoying this popular new style of dance!


Students may undertake drama from 5 years of age. Drama classes are an opportunity for pupils to improve their vocal and communication skills in addition to developing their confidence, creativity, performance skills and their ability to work as a team. These classes will help the Students in their later life - how many of us have been worried about making a Presentation to a room full of people at work? Well, to someone who has been trained in Drama, it's really no big deal!   Students follow the UKA syllabus within this class and Grade Examinations are usually taken annually. Senior drama group work at GCSE level. Drama classes run during school term time only. Please check the Notice Board at the Studio / Events & Diary page for details of when these classes are not running.


Limbering class can be taken from the age of 5 years. This class is designed to improve a students level of flexibility. Various exercises are taught that will help increase the flexibility and suppleness required by a dancer. Some basic acro tricks may also be used as a flexibility tool within this class. This is a challenging class! Limbering classes run during school term time only. Please check the Notice Board at the Studio Events & Diary page for details of when these classes are not running.


This is a fun class for ages 5+. The class will include cheer pom, chants, and cheer dance. There will be optional medal tests with the UKA.

Latin American

Learn how to Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Jive & Paso Doble in this hugely popular class. You may attend alone or as a couple. Latin American is a great way to keep fit and mobile and that is why this class appeals to all ages. Contact us for details of when the next 6 week course will run.

Wedding Dances

Come and have your first dance professionally choreographed. You will have a series of private sessions where you will work on a routine to your own choice of music. You don't need any dance experience so surprise your guests on your big day!